About Us

Meet Imast

After 25 years of success in the financial services industry, Imast Bulgan left her job as a supervisor at CTFS and started a new journey in fashion with her daughter Myda. Your Boutique was founded in 2014 after she re-branded her shop The Leather Boutique that was acquired in 2010.

Your Boutique became the result of a natural progression in maturity and interest for both Imast and Myda, who decided that limiting products to mainly leather goods was not the market they wanted to continue serving. Imast brings decades of experience working with individuals, consulting, and product knowledge. She originally began her career in wholesale in Istanbul, Turkey, before moving to start a new life in Canada.

One of the great joys Imast has is knowing how her customers have become her friends. She knows her customers by name and loves hearing about their lives. No matter who you are, we will always welcome you.

Meet Myda

Myda has an extensive background in the fashion industry. In between her BA and MA, Myda completed a business program at Humber College that focused entirely on fashion management. Trained in business, marketing, buying, retail management, supply chain management, and customer service, Myda wears many hats at Your Boutique.

Customers have told us they love knowing that Myda has worked for large fashion brands and that they trust her consulting skills and general style knowledge. From working LG fashion week at the age of 21 to shifting as a media attendee as an editor, Myda has experienced fashion from the retail and media perspective. Myda has worked as an editor for Shades of Style Magazine (where she still offers consulting and editorials), to working at a national magazine (FLARE), and has written for brands such as 29Secrets, Deux Hommes, and The Coveteur.

Consulting Services

When consulting with Myda, you can expect that she will provide up to date fashion knowledge that is relevant to your needs. Myda is able to assess your fashion needs based on a few custom questions she will send you. It's important that we are detailed in consults so we can help you achieve the image that you want or find the product you need. It does not matter if you want to change your entire image, stay very low-key and low maintenance, or find yourself somewhere in-between. We are able to service your need and are working on some new exciting things always.

Imast is also working on being certified as a colour stylist, where we will be able to consult more in-depth based on skin tone.