Define Your Style in Three Easy Steps

Defining your personal aesthetic is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Your style and aesthetic translates into every space that is you: your home, wardrobe, & everywhere you situate in between. It is your mood, essence and first impression that you set. Refining yourself and your style can make it easier for you to shop while teaching you the foundation of mindfulness. By really defining your aesthetic, you can create spaces in your home and outfits to wear that will make you feel authentic and aligned with who you are. Not only will this make you feel good, it also will avoid impulse purchases or products that you eventually want to re-sell or give away. At it’s core, refining your wardrobe is about being mindful to who you are and the impression you want to make. If you feel that you need a makeover or need to define your style, here are three easy ways to begin that process:


  1. Create a mood/vision board - one really easy way to do this is by saving posts on Instagram and creating mini inspiration boards. This is one way for you to see in detail the products or images you gravitate towards and can help you analyze where you can refine your current wardrobe to meet the images that inspire you.
  2. Do a wardrobe analysis - specifically, I suggest you take note of the key fabrics that you wear multiple times a week and the basic pieces that you constantly choose to re-wear. This will tell you what material you work best with as well as how to start picking new items based on your basic pieces. For example, I know I do not like restrictive materials and that is why I choose lyocell denim over regular denim. Being aware of what you feel best in and comfortable in will help guide your future purchases while simultaneously saving you money.
  3. Choose your standard - do you want to use your money to invest in appreciating assets such as gold jewelry, more luxe fabrics and better made products or do you prefer fast fashion products that only last a season or two? Both types of product serve a great purpose. It’s important that you choose products that align with your standard though so that you don’t waste lots of money on fast fashion and then feel guilty with a higher priced purchase. This can go vice versa: why spend tons of money on a necklace that will bore you after a few wears? The takeaway here is: if you choose what to spend money on, you can budget for appropriate pieces. We have had a customer come into shop and tell us she’s wearing the same sweater from 2010 - how many pieces in your wardrobe that have durability? Do you even want to wear the same thing that long? These are questions to ask yourself. Personally I am working on shifting my wardrobe to more long lasting classic pieces & am purging to create space for higher priced but quality goods. A quality garment or purse will always speak volumes before you have too.




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