Bare Minimal: Beauty Re-imagined

We tend to confirm to a beauty routine as the summer season settles in. Hair stylists can expect us calling for our seasonal refresh from dark-to-light tones and beauty stores are primed to switch moody hues in favour of bright summer palettes. Although summer favourites – think rose-stained lips and tinted moisturizer - will forever remain a go-to, the beauty world is featuring a wide array of trends from classic to more experimental. 

Trends this season speak to both beauty enthusiasts and those with more simple of tastes. Trends for summer 2020 range from pastel lids (think shades of lilac, pink, or yellow), to feathered brows (brush UP with a brow gel) and dewy skin that is easily attainable with a setting spray. Although originally unrelated, these trends can make those waist-up zoom calls a bit more fun and add an appropriate mix of fun now with life slowly opening back up.

The runways noted that having a bare, dewy-looking complexion is this season's most coveted trend– it’s that post-facial glow but done on purpose. Consider this a huge win for those who just can’t get behind bold, dramatic makeup looks and prefer to keep things a bit more simple. You can replicate NYFW trends at home by opting for the Super Stay lip collection and Cheek Heat Blush from Maybelline. Grace Lee Beauty, Maybelline Lead Artist, used all Maybelline products at the Kate Spade and Rebecca Minkoff shows among others.

Hair trends took a similar direction and have become what hair-guru Guido Palau describes as "liberated". Gone are the days where we need to spend hours on hair and can instead opt for more natural, textured styles and skip confirming to the pressures of primping. Wild waves, tousled hair, or thrown back with face-framing pieces are all editor (and laid-back lifestyle) approved.

There seems to be an everything-goes approach to beauty this season, so skip the fuss and elevate what you've got.






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